Website under construction

I thought the “Website under construction”  days were something that had been left back in the 90’s and early 2000’s but recently I have come across quite a few websites with links that lead me to some cute image telling me that the page is under construction and to check back soon.

Check back soon…. when should I check? 10 minutes… a day… a week… a month…. ever.

Until a page is ready for viewing by the general public it is best to leave it off your menus, this will make it less likely to be seen by people who are browsing  your website.

Rather than have an “Under Construction” page your business is better off to just add some content telling your viewer about what the page should be about. This shows that that page has some importance to your business. Instead of having a “check back soon notice” on you page, a “call for more information” notice is more appropriate.

If you would like any help with your website and getting it out of the “Under Construction” or ‘ Check back soon”  stage, contact with us and we will help you with your current site or help get you a new website.