iMac - SSD upgrade

Slow iMac- Let us help speed it up for you

Time and time again customers have complained about their 21.5 inch iMacs slow boot times, constant cursors turning to the spinning beachball and  tendencies to just take a long time to preform simple tasks.

Since 2012 Apple have been using a 1TB 5400 rpm hard drive as the standard drive for their 21.5 inch iMacs.  These drives are a stable work horse but unfortunately their read and write times can be very lacking (average  of 100MB/second).

Redbot Computers can swap out the original Hard drive in the iMac with a 1TB SSD (Solid State Drive).  The SSD is newer technology and has much faster read and write speed (up to 500MB/second for the one we use). We have found that that start up times for machine have sped up to less than 30 seconds from start up chime to login screen on most iMacs.

Offer: 1TB SSD upgrade for your 21.5inch iMac  from $365

What you get

  1. We will pick up and deliver the computer back to you in the Port Macquarie area.
  2. We will replace your current hard drive with a 1TB SSD.
  3. We will clone your current data from you hard disk drive to your new SSD.
  4. We will preform a scan, cleanup and optimisation on the SSD once installed and cloned across.

Call us on 0414 607 125 or email to order your SSD upgrade.  We can also discuss possible operating system and software up-updates for your iMac.